Qasim House

House Motto:- "Never Give In"

This House has been named after the great Muslim ruler “Muhammad Bin Qasim”. Ninety-six Cadets can be accommodated in this hostel at a time. There are 05 x single bed rooms, 17 x three bed rooms and 08 x five bed rooms. The house also has a big TV hall and a big Indoor games hall.


HOUSEMASTER Mr. Asad Ali (Lecturer, HM, Mob:0345-4455503)
ASSISTANT HOUSE MASTER Mr. Gohar Ali Khan (Lecturer,AHM, Mob:0300-5864948)
HOUSE COMMANDER Cadet Marwan Khan (Kit Number 8045)
DY HOUSE COMMANDER Cadet Arsal Khan (Kit Number 8091)
WING COMMANDER Cadet Faizan Qazi (Kit Number 8039)
SPORTS SEARGENT Cadet Abdul Rehman (Kit Number 8068)