1.                  General.   Cadet Colleges being semi-autonomous bodies are financially sustained and function on fee/dues paid by Cadets. In the absence of any donations and grants, from the Govt or any other agencies, not only that all expenses are shared by parents but delay and non-compliance, according to the prescribed timelines, drastically affect financial management. Hence, administration is constrained to pursue it rigorously. Ensuing paras, therefore, provide policy guidelines for clarity and ease of Cadets and their families, so that neither College suffers from delay in payments, nor does it affect parents. In essence, the policy aims at smooth functioning and mutually beneficial administrative arrangements, without hindering academics and pursuits of educational objectives, which are considered hallmark of college relationship with families.

2.       College Fee Policy.  Instructions regarding payment of Fee/dues, amply clarified in College Prospectus (P-61) as well as on website are available to parents before opting for admission in KSKCCS. Hence, serve as a binding for compliance.

3.       Fee Refund.     Following instructions, duly approved by College BOG, on the recommendations of Finance Committee, are communicated to parents, along with Call letter, once the cadet is selected (On Merit).

a.     Admission & Maintenance Charges (One Time).  Non-refundable

b.       Self-Finance.

(1)        100% Refundable – 30 days before commencement of classes.

(2)        50% Refundable   – 15 days before commencement of classes.

(3)       0% Refund             –  Within 15 days of academic session.

c.         Kit Charges.    Refundable in case of non-issuance but within or up-to one week of joining.

d.       Security Charges.    100% refundable.

          e.      Tuition Fee.    50% to be refunded within a month of joining date, so that   

         next candidate from the waiting list is called for admission.

4.       Payment on Installments.  Only in extreme cases, with valid reasons of inability for timely payment of Fee/dues, receipt of Fee may be allowed in installments, if approved by the College Council, with following pre-conditions:

a.        To provide valid/genuine reasons via application to the college.

b.        To be refunded before issue of next semester Fee (not beyond).

c.         To provide advanced signed cheques for balance payment.

d.        To have clear record of previous payments.

e.         To adhere timelines of payment and avoid late fee fine charges. 

5.         Penalties

            a.        Late Fee Fine.  After due date penalty / fine is imposed as under: -

                        (1)       Rs 50/- per day for 1st 10 days.

                        (2)       Rs 100/- per day from 11th day to 20th day.

                        (3)       Rs 150/- per day from 21st day to 60th day.

                        (4)       Rs. 13000/- beyond 60 days.

b.        Cancellation of AdmissionIf the fee is not received after second semester, the cadet name will be struck off from College Roll and parents are informed accordingly, thereby, necessitating fresh admission charges, subject to approval from the College Council.

c.         Withholding Board RegistrationsProlonged cases of outstanding fee are liable to withholding of registration with Board for exams, unless cleared by the parents.

d.        Rustication.    Repeated cases of outstanding fee, without valid response from Parents are rusticated, only in extreme cases.