Rechecking of Entry Test Papers - Policy

While applying for the rechecking of the papers the candidates have to follow the instructions mentioned below: -

ü  For rechecking, the candidates have to submit the application to the College.

ü  Usually, the candidates can submit the application form up to 15 days after the announcement of the result.

ü  The candidates have to submit the form according to the issued schedule. The incomplete and late submitted application forms will not be entertained. 

ü  Seven days after the rechecking of the papers the students will be informed about the changes and outcome; marks, calculations, merit. 

ü  It is not compulsory that there will be a full chance of an increase in the marks if you apply for the rechecking. 

ü  Make sure to follow all the instructions regarding the rechecking of the papers to avoid any inconvenience.

ü  Rechecking fee is Rs 5000.00, irrespective of the papers (it shall be for all).

Rules of Re-checking:

ü  Papers will NOT be share to the candidates or parents.

ü  Discussion on re-checking will only involve candidates and their parents (Father and Mother). Under no circumstances, any third person will be allowed.

ü  In case of doubt or split on opinion, benefit shall be afforded to the candidates, based on his performance in other subject and tests.


Rechecking is an option, extended for transparency merit and fair play, which under no circumstances can be used for court of law, for which parent shall give prior undertaking.