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Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi

The Cadet College is dedicated to Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed (NH). He was born on 1st January 1970 and was commissioned in the Army on 14th October 1994. Captain Karnal Sher Khan emerged as a symbol of courage during the Kargil conflict. He set personal examples of bravery and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. He defended the five strategic posts, which he established in colaboration with his soldiers at the height of 17,000 feet at Gultary, and repulsed many Indian attacks. After many abortive attempts, the Indians on 5th July 1999, ringed the posts of Captain Karnal Sher Khan with the help of two battalions and unleashed heavy mortar fire and managed to capture some part of one of his posts. Despite all odds, he led a counter-attack and re-captured the lost parts of his post. But during the encounter, he was hit by the machine-gun fire and embraced 'SHAHADAT'. In recognition of his great sacrifice he was awarded the highest gallantry award Nishan-e-Haider. The college is dedicated to him who is the son of the soil.
His faith and courage remain an inspiration for us all i.e. for Cadet College in particular and the people of Pakistan in general. The Cadet College established with a capital cost of Rs.1058 million.

The College is dedicated to providing knowledge that encompasses inclusive academic study, achieving intellectual excellence, inculcating leadership quality, and rigorous military training in order to meet the current challenges of the country.

The College strives to bring strong emphasis on character building, personality development, and inculcation of the spirit of patriotism and of Islamic ideals. Moreover, in order to bring the country at par with the developed nations, the cadets at the College are equipped with basic scientific and technological knowledge while embarking them to venture on the path of scientific discovery in their future. Thus the College provides an outstanding platform to the wards of this nation to become responsible, productive, well-groomed, and well-educated citizens putting our country on the pedestal of development and prosperity. Hence, the country will certainly attain a prestigious position in the comity of nations on the global landscape.

The main objective of the College is to prepare Cadets for Secondary and Intermediate Examinations conducted by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Mardan.In addition to this, we aim at providing quality education coupled with Islamic Ideology, traditions and culture to mould the young generation into true Muslims, patriotic citizens and effective leaders in all walks of life to shoulder the responsibilities with courage, credibility and confidence.

Physical Training is also compulsory part of the routine followed in the College to make the Cadets physically fit and to prepare them for induction in Pakistan armed forces. However, they are free to pursue any field of study and take up any career after the completion of studies in the College.

College Administration

Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi is under the control and management of the Board of Governors (BOG). Commander 11 Corps is the Chairman BOGs.


The College has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, divided into various departments, each headed by a senior member. The Army Staff comprising the Adjutant of the rank of Captain, and seven drill/ PT instructors who are responsible for military and physical training of Cadets. The College has an elaborate administrative setup for smooth functioning of routine activities.

The College follows the syllabus laid down by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Mardan. The medium of instruction is English. The subjects taught in the College at SSC level are Urdu, English, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Biology. The College offers Pre-Medical, Pre- Engineering and ICS courses for Intermediate classes.

The laboratories are equipped with the latest apparatuses.
Class tests and terminal examinations are planned at regular intervals.
Cadet's progress is assessed and complete record of their academic performance and overall conduct is sent to the parents at the end of each term. A Cadet failing twice in the same class will be expelled from the College.

Cadets are NOT permitted to keep the following in their possession:

  • Transistor, video games, electric appliances, personal computer or wireless Radio, T.V. set, walkman set, or mobile phones etc.
  • Unauthorized medicines or drugs
  • Money and valuables
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Cigarettes or narcotics in any form Burners, heaters, etc.
  • Undesirable printed material
  • Explosive/combustible material
  • Musical instruments
  • Cadets guilty of the following OFFENCES are liable to be withdrawn from the college:

  • Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct
  • Willfully and deliberately damaging the college property
  • Keeping fire-arms etc
  • Breaking bounds
  • Insolent behavior with the staff and the seniors
  • Absenting from the class and any college activity without cogent reason
  • Being habitually late, untidy and slovenly
  • Smoking, use of narcotics in any form Consistently giving a poor performance in academics Use of unfair means in tests/examinations
  • Guilty of any act of indiscipline/misconduct
  • Class VIII-X (Per Year) Rs.3,42,968.00 /-
    Class XI (Per Year) Rs.3,54,314.00 /-
    Additional Charges
  • Admission Fee Rs. 25,000/-
  • Security Deposit (Refundable) Rs. 32,000.00/-
  • Maint/ Bldg Rs. 20,000/-
  • Readmission in class XII Rs. 3,000/-
  • In Cadet Colleges Daily Routine plays an important role in the best utilization of the available time of a day. It is prepared to ensure adequate time allocation for all the activities of the day. It not only makes the life target oriented but also makes the Cadets to remain alert all the day.
    The daily routine may be adjusted and refined by the publication of the CCM daily order and weekly training schedule. Only Principal in coordination with his staff may make changes and modifications to the daily routine.
    The routine for each day will be carried out as specified in this section. Breakfast will follow the morning physical fitness / Military training. The following abbreviations apply in the schedules:

  • 1. Night Preps will be off on every Saturday.
  • 2. On Fridays and Sundays both preps will be observed.
  • 3. On Fridays, classes will be conducted upto 5th Period. 5th Period will be conducted for Speech Training. Lunch will be served at 1250 hrs.
  • 4. House Masters will ensure all activities of their respective houses.
  • 5. Walking out dress will be worn for outing.
  • 6. On Sundays, breakfast will be served at 0900 hrs
  • 7. Telephone calls can be received on Sundays from 1000 hrs - 1800 hrs.
  • 8. Night Muster will be House wise / Room wise, HMs, AHMs and HAs will supervise the night Muster of their respective houses.
  • Matriculation/Secondary School Certificate Course
    English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.
    Intermediate (Pre-Medical)
    English , Urdu, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies.
    Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)
    English, Urdu, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies.
    Candidates appearing in Maths during entrance examination will not be eligible for the pre medical group and candidates appearing in Biology during entrance examination will not be eligible for the pre engineering group at the time of admission

    Entrance Tests are planned at Peshawar, Mardan, Swabi, D.I.Khan, Kohat, Abottabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi. However minimum of twenty five candidates are required for a station to be declared as center otherwise the candidates will be allotted the next nearest center. Admission will be granted purely based on the merit after written examination, interview and medical examination.

    Self-Finance Scheme Only:

    Candidates next on the merit list after filling in open merit, KPK/FATA specific seats, Defense and College employee quota, if opted for self finance, shall be given admission under the scheme. Candidates selected under this scheme will be required to pay Rs. 250000.00 (non refundable), for admission to class XI and Rs. 400000.00 (non refundable) for admission to class VIII over and above the other fees/dues at the time of admission only.

    Allocation of Seats

    Each entry will comprise 120 students. The allocation of seats is as under:

  • KPK/FATA          -66
  • Open Merit (All Pakistan less KPK/FATA)    -33
  • Self Finance               -16
  • Defense Personnel    -3
  • College Employees           -2  (Day Scholars)
  • NOTE

    Overseas Candidates : Overseas candidates will be eligible but will have to appear at centers in Pakistan.
    Quota Seats : Vacant Seats will be allotted to candidates desirous of admission under Self Finance Scheme.