1.       General: -

a.           The Cadets are allowed to use mobile other than Android inside campus, for contacting their parents, over weekends only.

b.        Cadets are strictly forbidden to use Android mobile. Anyone found with mobile phone other than prescribed time, days and duration his mobile shall be confiscated with fine and punishment, as per SOP and disposal by breakage.

c.         The Cadets are allowed to use the internet facility for educational research, assembly presentation, video lectures, in the computer lab and Library under the supervision of Computer Incharge, Library Officer and Lab Assistants. Where they are monitored closely.

d.        The College administration strictly prohibits the use of social media for the following purposes: -

(1)       Uploading College videos, sharing personal or funny videos, engaging in harassment, sharing videos of College activities especially in College dress.

(2)       Creating and sharing inappropriate content (e.g. explicit images, hate speech or defaming contents.

(3)       Sharing copyrighted or confidential material without permission

(4)       Using social media during restricted times (e.g. during classes, Preps).

(5)       Creating fake accounts or impersonating others.

(6)       Sharing college internal information or confidential matters.

(7)       Engaging in online activities that violate college rules and regulations.

2.       Penalties / Punishments for Violating SOPs: -

a.        Besides fine & punishments, as per law in appropriate cases, the violator cadets will be immediately expelled from the College.

b.        Suit for damages will be instituted against the violator of SOPs in appropriate cases in a civil court.

c.        That parents will also be prosecuted in appropriate cases, where their negligence, carelessness or wilful intention and support was found in any such unlawful acts done by their kids.  

d.        That any wrong doer may also be prosecuted in court under section: 200/crpc, for causing any breach of captioned SOPs.

e.         That in case of expulsion in such circumstances, the administration may also claim the total dues from the parents without showing any leniency.

f.          That, Suit for defamation may also be filed against the wrong doer in which he will face physical as well as financial sufferings as per law.

g.        That, in case of failure to pay the damages, the property / assets of the wrong doer can also be confiscated by the court.

h.       Whoever wilfully creates any fake ID of any person in social media and represent any other person through fake ID, shall be punished under section 419 PPC, up to seven years or fine or both.

i.        Whoever by word spoken or written, or by sign or by visible representation or otherwise, makes or publishes any imputation shall be punished for defamation under section 500 PPC, up to five years or fine or both.

Note: The accused can also be dragged through court in a damages suit along with punishment mentioned above.

j.        Any person who does or attempt to do any act with intent to alter, modify, remove, delete, generate, transmit or store any information for which he is not authorized, shall be guilty under section 37 of Electronic Transaction ordinance 2002 and shall be punished up to seven years imprisonment or fine or both.

Note: Creating, editing, deleting, hacking, modifying or altering Face Book account, Email address, Personal pictures, WhatsApp ID, Twitter account, Instagram etc falls in the domain of section 36 & 37 of ETO-2002.