1.         General

a.     Outlines the process for cadets to meet Principal directly with certain issue for discussion and seeking guidance.

b.     This SOP applies to all cadets who desire to request a meeting with the Principal for academic, discipline, or any other related concerns.

2.         Aims.  To streamline the process for cadets to engage in constructive and respectful interactions with the Principal, fostering an environment conducive to effective communication and problem-solving.

3.         Requesting an Appointment

a.     Cadets must first express their intention to meet with the Principal by submitting a formal request through the VP/DOS/Adjt/HM.

b.     The request should include the Cadets name, grade level and House, purpose of the meeting, and preferred dates and times for the meeting.

c.     Individual requests shall only be entertained and not a group or class, as a policy.

d.     Cadet appointments meeting the Principal shall present formal request to VP and Adjt stating agenda points. The request will be forwarded to the Principal for appointment.

e.     If cadets’ council desires to meet the Principal regarding academics, they shall put up the details to VP and DOS, where the points will be discussed with the Principal. An appointment will be taken keeping in view the commitments.

4.         Appointment Confirmation

a.     Upon receiving the meeting request, the concerned officer will coordinate with the Principal's office to schedule a suitable date and time for the meeting.

b.     The Cadet will be notified of the confirmed meeting schedule and any additional instructions or requirements.

5.         Preparing for the Meeting

a.     Cadets are encouraged to prepare an agenda or list of topics they wish to discuss with the Principal during the meeting.

b.     If there are any documents or evidence related to the discussion topics, cadets should bring them to the meeting for reference.

c.     VP, DOS, concerned HM and OIC shall scrutinize the agenda for relevant input and details, before these are presented to Principal.

d.     Cadets’ dossier shall be placed, alongwith document for agenda discussion.

6.         Conducting the Meeting

a.     On the scheduled day, cadets should arrive at the Principal's office five minutes before the appointed time.

b.     Cadet must be nicely dressed, well presented and duly inspected by Adjt.

c.     After entering the Principal's office, cadets should respectfully greet the Principal and await instructions on seating or positioning for the discussion.

d.     The cadets must adhere to proper protocol in delivering their thoughts in a gentle and composed manner.

7.         Follow-up and Action

a.     If the Principal assigns any follow-up actions or tasks to the cadets, they should diligently adhere to the instructions and timelines provided.

b.     In cases where further updates are required, the cadets should maintain communication with the concerned staff officer VP/DOS/Adjt/HM/OIC for coordination.

c.     Cadets are encouraged to provide feedback on their meeting experience with the Principal, including suggestions for improvement, through established feedback channels within the school.