College Rules


Cadets are NOT permitted to keep the following in their possession:
Transistor, video games, electric appliances, personal computer or wireless

Radio, T.V. set, walkman set, or mobile phones etc.
Unauthorized medicines or drugs
Money and valuables
Weapons of any kind
Cigarettes or narcotics in any form
Burners, heaters, etc.
Undesirable printed material
Explosive/combustible material
Musical instruments

Cadets guilty of the following OFFENCES are liable to be withdrawn from the college:

Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct
Willfully and deliberately damaging the college property
Keeping fire-arms etc
Breaking bounds
Insolent behavior with the staff and the seniors
Absenting from the class and any college activity without cogent reason
Being habitually late, untidy and slovenly
Smoking, use of narcotics in any form
Consistently giving a poor performance in academics
Use of unfair means in tests/examinations
Guilty of any act of indiscipline/misconduct