World Space Week

World Space Week is an international celebration of Science and technology, and its aim is to uplift human condition. The United Nation General Assembly declared in 1999 that World Space Week will be held each year from October 4th to 10th.These dates commemorate with two events; firstly the October 4, 1957, the launching of the first human made satellite, Sputnik 1 and it opened the way for space exploration. Secondly October 10, 1967, signed the treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and peaceful use of outer space includes moon and other celestial bodies. Our human nature loves exploration and adventure, so World Space Week 2017 could be the biggest ever event to quench the thirst of man’s curiosity. Anyone from anywhere in the world can create a World Space Event. The theme of 2017 Space Week is to guide and create awareness about space.

Cadet College Hassan Abdal is one of the best institutions of its kind in Pakistan which has taken initiative to organize in collaboration with Pakistan Space and Upper Research Commission (SUPARCO) in which a number of events were performed under the umbrella of World Space Week. On 7th and 8th October, Cadet College Hassan Abdal organized the Space Week in which Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College also participated for the very first time.

In the mega event about 25 educational institutions participated in different competitions. Cadet College Hassan hosted the event in which Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi, PAF Sargoda, HITEC Taxila, Chou Saidan Shah Cadet College Chokwal, PAF Minhas Kamra, APS Attock, City School, Beacon House School, Allied School, International Islamic School, APS Nowhshera etc. participated in the event. Approximately 500 students participated in the event. Moreover, about 27 types of contests were contested; however, Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi participated in 22 events. They include  Space Knowledge Competition, Space Declamation, Space Quiz, Space Innovation, Space Creative writing, Space Technology Applications, Space Fine Arts, Space Graphics, Space Mathematica, Space Awareness.

By the grace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah, despite the fact that the cadets of Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi participated for the first time, yet they brought laurels to the college. In the following contests Cadets of Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi got distinctions.



First Position Holders

1)   Space in Quran Competition

     Cadet Gohar Zaman                                                                                    (12th   Class)

2)   Web Page Designing Competition

      Cadet Rafay                                                                                                (11th Class)

3)   Space Characters competition

      Cadet Lakhkar Khan                                                                                  (12th Class)


Second Position Holders

1)   Space Declamation in English

      Cadet Moazzam Akbar                                                                               (12th Class)

2)   Essay Writing Competition in English

      Cadet Wajid Ali Khan                                                                                (12th Class)

3)   Mathematical Hunt

      Cadet Wajid Ali Shah and Mohammad Usman                                        (12th Class)

4)   Space Journalism Competition in Urdu

      Cadet Fazil Shah                                                                                       (12th Class)                                                              

5)  Space Painting competition

     Cadet Tayyab Farman                                                                                (12th Class)

6)  Space Tunnel Design

     Cadet Shahsawar, Pir Umar Kamal, Kaleem ur Rehman                         (10th Class)


Third Position Holders

1)   Essay writing competition in English

      Cadet Mousawar Khalid Raheem                                                              (8th Class)

2)   Essay writing Competition in Urdu

      Cadet Anas Abbasi                                                                                    (8th Class)                                         

3)   Story writing Competition in Urdu

     Cadet Jawad Ahmad                                                                                  (8th Class)